5.1ch Remote Kit(Full Option)

Features :

• 6 channels independent volume control (0 to –99dB/2dBstep, –dB) = 42bar display
• 6 channels independent gain control (0 to +14dB/ 2dB step) = 14bar display
(* gain control not available for user mode only available expert mode)
• 4 stereo input selector ~ (Input gain: 0 to +14dB/ 2dB step),
( * Input gain available for expert mode only )
• Multi channel input: (5.1Ch discrete input )
• Bass: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step),=14bar display
Treble: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step) =14bar display with auto memory function
• Built-in surround mixing and 120Hz sallen key crossover filter for sub woofer audio
• Built-in NEC Ir out for market usb board remote function
(Ex : Next ,Prew ,Pause, 0-9 numbers ( )
• Digital Rotary encoded mechanical volume control an input selection

                                                            Download instruction manual

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Remote Amplfier Cabinet Acrylic Panel

                                     Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Panel For Assembled Home Theatre

                                    Price =  350/-


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600W Mosfet Subwoofer


                                PowerMesh II MOSFET
                                Inbuilt 120hz  Sub Woofer Pre Amplfier

                                Low Temperature

                               Operating Voltage --  24V To 35V Dual Power Supply


                               Car Audio

                               Home Thetare 


                                4Mosfet Subwoofer Board With HeatSing  =  Rs.630/-

                                2Mosfet Subwoofer Board With HeatSing  =  Rs.530/-

                                4Mosfet Subwoofer Board Only                  =  Rs.450/-

                                2Mosfet Subwoofer Board Only                  =  Rs.350/- 

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100w-5ch Digital Amplifier Kit

New Developed 5ch Digital Audio Amplifier kit 


1. Very High Operating Voltage Range.
2. ±10V To ±40V Dual Supply.
3. D mos Power Stage.
4.  No Switch On/Off  Noise.
5. Very Low Distortion & Noise.
5. Short Circuit Protection.
6. Thermal Shut Down  For 180°C.
7. High Quality Power Up To 100W Music

Prologic Sound Kit

This Kit provide high performance analog audio quality. this kit contain  2ch (L/R) stereo to 5.1ch surround sound upmixiing , 120hz sallen key low pass filter for subwoffer, 1khz bass band filter for center, 6ch/2ch switching  2 wire only !. 


1• 5.1CH Multichannel Input.
2• 2CH Stereo Input 
3• 5.1CH / 2.0CH Switch 
4• Lossless switching 
5• No cross mixing audio

 Price : Rs. 450/-  

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